The Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 requires all financial institutions (banks, exchanges, building societies, etc) to complete KYC (Know Your Client) procedures to verify the identity of their clients. These measures are intended to prevent money laundering.

In order to support and voluntarily comply with these regulations, we have to ask you to provide your personal details (names, ID number, date of birth, residential address) and proof documentation (scan of ID book, proof of residence etc). We check these details against an independent source (Credit Data).

There are two levels of verification: 

The Level 1 verification will require you to enter your mobile details; you will be sent a text with a confirmation number. Once you confirm this, you will be able to withdraw a total of 0.014 BTC. 

The level 2 verification will require you to provide all the documentation requested to fully fulfil the KYC requirements.   Fully verified accounts are able to withdraw large volumes from their iCE3 account