Incoming RAND deposits from your bank are processed at least 3 times per day. Our system sweeps the iceCUBED bank account for any new credits, which is then processed in a batch. Some deposits may require an administrator to authorise, and will therefore not reflect in your account automatically when the batch is processed. This is mainly due to additional checks we may have to carry out, but is usually resolved within our SLA.

Funds can be received into your trading account as quickly as a few hours, or they can take up to 1-3 days to be received. This depends on the bank you are using and really is beyond our direct control. FNB, ABSA & NEDBANK immediate payments usually clear the same day (Mon - Fri). 

In the "Transactions" section of your profile you will find all the TXR's that you have created and their status.

  1. Please check your deposit lead time against the expected times for your individual scenario here 
  2. Confirm you have used the correct beneficiary reference and the amount your requested on your TXR is the same as the amount you sent (a discrepancy will automatically move the request to the administrators queue for manual approval)
  3. Confirm you have sent the funds to the correct account using the view option provided on each TXR