When a bitcoin transaction is broadcast over the network, it is confirmed once the transaction has been "mined". This is sort of a seal of approval that the transaction is valid and is called a "network confirmation". We require a minimum amount of network confirmations in order to credit your account with coins to your address linked to your account with us.

This can take around 3-30 minutes but depends totally on the network congestion at the time the transaction is sent, the type of coin and required confirmations count

CoinNetwork confirmations Required
Bitcoin (BTC)1
Litecoin (LTC)6
Etherium (ETH)24
Cardano (ADA)15
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)6
Monero (XMR)10
Zcash (ZEC)24

PRO-TIP: Always include the amount and transaction hash when enquiring about deposits with the service desk