We have 3 domains from which iCE3 provide you our services. The most important fact to recognise is that your online security is our first and foremost priority. We keep the 3 environments completely separate with selective link url's as "pointers" to various resources. 

iCE3 Exchange

iCE3.com is the most trusted Bitcoin exchange in Africa, providing our customers with the ability to safely and securely buy and sell Bitcoin, in South African Rand or Nigerian Naira.

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iCE3 Bitcoin Blog 

ICE3X.co.za is a Bitcoin blog and the original starting point which gave life to ice3.com. On this website we host a wealth of information about Bitcoin and Litecoin. Here you will find our most frequently asked questions, our Bitcoin school, articles and information on Bitcoin trading in South Africa and a collections of other subjects.

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iCE3 Service Desk - Customer Portal

We provide an awesome helpdesk service via this website, with an extensive knowledge base, and customer forum. You can use this website to find a quick answer to your question, leave us feedback, or even give us  your suggestions. All your correspondence with iCE3is logged and recorded here so that you can always refer back. 

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