There can be so many different fees, commissions and charges involved with a basic bitcoin transaction. It is very easy to sometimes pay more for the cost of the transaction than the actual value of the transaction. We have a highly advanced dynamic fee scheduling system, which aims to always give the client the best fee conditions under which to conduct their trades. We will match and improve on any offer that any of our competitors may dream up. Just let us know and we will even give you a FREE 7 day Individual Trading Plan Discount - no strings, volumes or any conditions attached, just a straightforward discount from the advertised base trading fees.

Trading Fees

Our trading fees are completely dynamic and are fine tuned to suit each market individually. Our approach is one where we recognise that all traders are different and have different needs. We are very proud that we are able to serve these needs on a per individual basis. You will see the Base Trading Fees for a particular market / trading pair, clearly displayed alongside that market including the volume trading discounts that apply. Don't forget that your personal Trading Fee Discount Plan gives you an additional discount on all the advertised base rates, across all trading pairs. 

Each Market has the trading fee schedule on the trading page.

Transaction Fees

Deposit Fees


Withdrawal Fees

Fiat currencies attract a small withdrawal fee of 0.033%, which is calculated and displayed when you create a withdrawal request. Please refer to each individual currency payment gateway for the most up to date withdrawal fee schedule. 

Current Crypto Withdrawal Fees are between 0.25% to 0.5% with minimum and maximum limits for each currency.  This will be indicated on your withdrawal slip.   

Network Fees

{ additional network fees paid to miners no longer apply as of 20/02/2018 }

When creating a withdrawal, you are actually sending coins to another wallet. In order to confirm the validity of the transaction, a "mining / transaction fee" is taken by the network to include the transaction in a valid block on the chain. These fees go directly to the miners and are dynamic, dependant on the coin being traded and amounts of data being sent. We can not accurately give these fees to you as they are recommended by the network and constantly changes, albeit very little.

*if any fees are levied by a third party we will have to pass those costs on to you.