Cryptocurrency is global, but our customers are unique and we recognize this important fact, so we have tailor-made Trading Fee Plans for different types of traders that make use of

Our Trading Fees (aka "trade commission") vary, and can range from 0% (yes ZERO) to 0.5%. The trading fee you are charged is calculated and displayed in the BUY and SELL order slip before you confirm your transaction, so you know exactly how much commission you will be charged on trades.

We do not charge you anything to place an order or any "overnight fee" for open orders. You are only charged trading fees on orders that have successfully completed or orders that are partially filled. 

Fee Structure from January 2021

NormalPay with AICNormalPay with AICNormalPay with AIC
TraderPro TraderVIP Trader
Maker Fee0.25%0.225%0.1250%0.1125%00
Taker Fee0.50%0.45%0.25%0.225%0.125%0.1125%
Maker Rebate25%25%35%35%50%50%

Individual Trading Fee Plan

Your Individual Trading Fee plan & validity period, that applies to your account is displayed for all currencies in the My Funds section of your Account. We also run promotions from time to time and you will also find those Promotional Trading Plans Plans for high volume traders, miners and businesses here. Your Assigned plan, reduces the base trading fee that applies to your individual account, by the indicated % discount.

Eampl of Trade Fee Plans

Rebate rewards

Market makers earn Rebate Rewards above and beyond trading fee discounts. Learn more about our Market Maker Rebate reward program here