When you make a Rand deposit via EFT we clear and credit the deposit into your ICE³X account as soon as it reflects as having settled in our bank account. This usually takes around  2 - 72 hours, as it depends on the date & time of the transaction, beneficiary statuses, banking cut-off times and amounts involved. If you have made a deposit and it does not reflect after 72* hours have passed, please log a ticket via the support desk and attach your proof of payment to the ticket to prevent any further delays. On the rare occasion that this may happen, we will do our best to provide you with a speedy resolution. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when there are profit opportunities to be had, but unfortunately, it is the reality we have to deal with on a daily basis. We have every reason to clear your deposit as quickly as possible as our business model relies on traders funding their accounts and trading, but we have to balance this with the safety and security of our business processes and infrastructure.

Here is a guide as to what you should expect for your individual scenario under normal circumstances when sending funds to us from the Major Banks in South Africa.

Payments created before 15:00 GMT+2 (Monday - Friday)*. Payments made after the cutoff times will usually be processed at midnight, please adjust your expectations for deposits made after 15:00 accordingly.

Standard Bank
24 - 48h
2 - 24h
2 - 24h
ABSA normal
24 -48h
Nedbank IIB**
2 - 24h
Nedbank normal
24 - 48h
48 -72h
48 - 72h
48 - 72h

As of 2018, we no longer support deposits to our Standard Bank account but you can deposit from any bank to our FNB bank account and it will be automatically allocated as long as the TXR reference and the amount is correct. If you still prefer making your deposit to our Standard Bank account then please get in contact with the helpdesk who will give you the account details; please note that deposits to our Standard Bank account are allocated manually and you must log a helpdesk ticket with the payment details each time you make a payment in this way which will have to be queued to be processed by the accounts team. 

Special Notice 

Please do not enter our email address in the field to send payment notification provided by your bank. We can not recognise these emails and they are discarded by the system, so help desk staff have no access to them. Kindly forward the proof of payment from your registered helpdesk email address or log into the support portal to upload your document and attach it to a ticket.

*  Whilst there are payment requests processed over weekends and public holidays, we can not guarantee this service and you should not include these days in your expectations. Some banks will process on some occasions and others will not. We can, unfortunately, not influence this.

** Instant Internet Banking is a service provided by your bank, that you are charged for. Please consider this when making your deposit, as there is no incentive for these banks to provide you with a faster transfer. If you are with one of these banks, unless you have selected IIB, you can expect that it will likely take up to 3 working days to credit in our bank account.

PRO-TIP: When following up on a deposit request, the most efficient response is achieved when you give the exact details and attach a proof of payment to the ticket that you raise. This way we can submit it to the accounts team for an easy quick resolution.