Crypto Withdrawals and Deposits are automated.

100% of the crypto currency we receive from customer deposits, goes directly to our cold wallets that are kept offline in secure storage. It never passes through any 3rd party payment system. 

This allows for your Crypto withdrawals from your iCE3 account to be authorised automatically, from our company hot-wallets using our own company funds. We manage this risk to our funds, based on dynamic fraud and security parameters that is set on your account as well as the limits set on our hot wallets and the date & time of your request. These limits change dynamically according to your account status and transaction history with iCE3. Transactions that fall outside of these parameters are referred for manual authorisation. Manual Authorisations are done in batch runs, at least 3 times per day (Mon - Fri). These intervals are load balanced and are more frequent when the volumes or amounts are higher.

Withdrawal requests are also serviced more often when we have 2 or more authorised admin staff on hand as these withdrawals require multi-signature approval.  Admin staff are notified of withdrawal batches that require authorisation, and subsequently authorise these requests.

PROTIP: If you are missing a specific withdrawal, please follow it up using the TXR number related to the withdrawal as the reference when creating your ticket.