1. On the Trading Page, under the markets header, select the trading pair you wish to make a buy order eg. you want to sell bitcoin for rand, select BTC/ZAR.
  2. Below the charts you find the order slip, on the left to buy and on the right to sell. In the "AMOUNT" field, enter the amount of currency you want to sell.
  3. Confirm the PRICE and the TOTAL
  4. Click the SELL button


  • A limit order will only execute at the price you specify otherwise it will stay open until cancelled or executed
  • If your SELL price matches an existing BUY price, your order will be matched immediately.
  • If, after matching, your order is not completely filled, then the remainder will be left as a partial sell order in the order book.
  • If your SELL order is not matched with an existing BUY order, it will be listed with other orders waiting to be filled in the order book. There are no fees for placing multiple buy and sell orders at different prices


1. You can also use the SELL ALL function or enter the TOTAL amount of FIAT currency you want to receive. 

2. You can create, cancel and accept as many orders as you want, play around with the numbers to make your orders more attractive to other traders.