Here are some simple tips that will help get your problem resolved while using the Service Desk. 

1. Take a look at our many other FAQ and how-to articles

The Ice3X Service Desk Team are always looking out to help all out customers under all circumstances but we have received plenty of basic issues as well as simple requests which can easily be found in our other FAQ and How-to articles found in the Solutions. When you have a problem, try checking there first to see if there is an easy fix or instructions. If your problem can't be solved in one of these, then it is time to send a ticket to the team. 

2. Be brief with your ticket

Keep your ticket as short as possible by not including any irrelevant information. Your ticket can be resolved faster if our help team doesn't have to read through an essay to find the important facts and details about your problem. We suggest that writing in bullet points would really help. 

3. Provide as many details as you can

You can be brief but please provide us with as many details as possible. For example, if you are checking a transaction, you can send us details for when, how much, which currency and any reference numbers used would drastically decrease the time it would take for the support team to resolve your issues. Many of these details would be asked from you if they are missing and necessary. If you could summarise the steps you have taken to try to resolve your problem as well, that would really help. You can send screenshots of any problems you may have as well, but be sure to note that we can only look at JPEG or PDF attachments, 

4. Do not open more than one ticket for the same issue

Opening multiple tickets for the same issue does not mean that you will get our immediate attention, and neither will extra updates to follow up on the same ticket. New tickets and updated tickets all go to the back of the queue. When our team does get to your ticket as well, they will need to sort through your multiple tickets/updates which will mean that it will take longer to resolve your problem. 

5. Just be nice

We understand that working with crypto can be very stressful especially if you have a problem that needs to be resolved, but you should be civil when opening a ticket. Your ticket will be seen by our team of professionals who are trying their best to help you but they are human too. Being rude in your ticket may distract them from helping you, and does not help you get your problem resolved.