Most exchanges require a high quality scan or photograph of your ID book or passport as proof of ID. It is very common for an exchange to also ask for you to take a selfie holding the identification document and a piece of paper with the date and the name of the exchange.

The reason some exchanges do this is because it is a very fast and easy way to prove that you are the owner of the ID document that was sent through. With the high amount of identity fraud in South Africa, it is easy for people to submit a stolen ID or passport to open an account. By taking a selfie with the document, you instantly prove you are the owner.

Take a photo of yourself either using your computer webcam or the front facing camera of the phone.

The things we need in the photo are:

- Your face

- Your ID

- A handwritten note saying iCE3 Exchange and the date

A mock up of what we are looking for are as follows: