With the Instant Buy feature on iCE3, you can buy crypto faster than ever before. 

To get to Instant Buy, click on Quick Buy in the top menu.

You will be lead to this page where you can instantly buy some of our suggested values or you can make your own instant buy option. The values are calculated using the current market value so you don't need to guess and make your own order. 

Click on the drop down to change the currencies you will be buying and which fiat currency you will be buying in. 

You can also choose either the amount of Fiat you will spend or the amount of crypto you will want to buy and the other side will be calculated using the current market value. 

Once you have clicked buy, it will lead to a confirmation. Click yes and an order will be made. Once this is matched and completed, you will have the crypto you bought without all the hassle. 

We have created a video showing off the whole process as well.