For added security and for faster withdrawal process, you can add the specific crypto addresses that you would withdraw to a whitelist. These addresses will be automatically accepted to withdraw to from your account in the future. 


Please note; any update to your whitelist profile will result in a 3 day lock being placed on all of your withdrawals. Do not change your whitelist unless you want to within this time period. 

Click on the accounts icon on the top right of the main page, on the menu bar. 

Click on the settings tab from the menu on the left of the accounts dashboard. 

On the settings page, click on the whitelist addresses option near the top of the page. 

You will see that you will need to enable the whitelist addresses feature, with the same same warning about the 3 day hold which we have outlined earlier. 

You will be asked to provide your 2FA code which you can get from your authenticator app. 

Once this is submitted, you can add the specific addresses for each available cryptocurrency. Before you can complete this, you will need to add your 2FA code before you finish and send a hash to your email which you have to add as well. Once this has been added, you can submit this. After a 3 day lock, you will be able to withdraw to these addresses with ease.