If you have lost your device or it has been stolen and you need to setup 2fa again on a new device, you will need the masterkey which was generated when you set up 2fa the first time.

Simply click on the + button and select "add manually" then enter the masterkey. 

If, however you did not take note of the masterkey, we will need to disable 2fa on your account manually.

To achieve this, we need you to log a ticket via the service desk (help.ice3.com) with the following information:

The security of our user's accounts is of paramount importance to us, we would kindly ask you to please provide a high-quality photo of your yourself ( a "selfie") holding your ID document along with a handwritten note of when the image was submitted following the example below:


"[current date] For iCE3 Only"


Make sure that the ID and handwritten note are visible in the same photo.

You can also send an email to [email protected] if you prefer

(HERE IS HOW YOU LOG INTO THE SERVICE DESK IF YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT IS LOCKED OUT - https://help.ice3.com/a/solutions/articles/11000048465 )