Want to learn how to trade? Need a DEMO market to test your bot?

Learn to trade like a PRO using your real trading account but practicing on our DEMO trading pair - with NO fees

Step 1:  Click on this link https://ice3x.co.za/bull-and-bear-tokens/ 

Step 2:  Go to this section on the page

Step 3: Enter you Name and Email address (NB: This can only be done once)

Step 4: Click Request Demo Tokens

Step 5: Check your email (Check Spam or Junk folders)

Step 6: Your email will have a voucher number like this:

Step 7: Got to the ice3.com platform and go to the Accounts page

Step 8;Click on Vouchers (on left hand side_ and go to Redeem Voucher - or click here https://ice3.com/account/vouchers 

Step 9: Copy and Paste bitVoucha code and click check.

Follow these directions if stuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8ZGZuBAkY8

Step 10: Check you balances https://ice3.com/account 

Start trading