Debit Cards are now available at a one-off cost. 

You can order your Debit Card after you satisfy the following pre-requisites:

  • You have to physically reside in South Africa
  • You need a fully verified iCE3 account
  • You need a minimum token balance of 100 AIC (to buy AIC you need BTC - here is the trading pair AIC / BTC)
  • You need a minimum available FIAT balance of 250.00 ZAR. Please be aware that 250.00 ZAR will be deducted from your available FIAT balance to pay for your debit card and delivery.

Once the pre-requisites have been met the order button will be enabled. To order the card click here 

Please complete the details and click the button to Order your Debit Card.

A ticket will be created on our help desk to keep track of the delivery of the Debit Card