Loading Fee (iCE3 withdrawal fee to card) R20
Monthly Card Management Fee (only applicable for cards with positive balance)R5
POS*  swipes local Free
Load SMS (Please get in contact with the helpdesk if you want this feature enabled on your debit card)R0.96 (Disabled) 
SMS Transaction Notification Fee
R1.50 (User can disable within PayCentral App) 
Digital CouponsFree
Decline Fees Free
Cash withdrawal at native ATMR10 Flat fee for any amount up to R4000
Cash withdrawal at any other ATMR18.40 Flat fee for any amount up to R4000
Cash withdrawall at POS* with a purchase R2.62
Cash withdrawal at POS* without a purchase R3.38
ATM balance enquiry at a Standard Bank ATMR3.15
ATM balance enquiry at any other bank ATMR4.65
Check card balance within iCE3 accountFREE 
Pin reset feeR13
Card deduct fee.   Transfer of funds from card to profile R3.50 (not available) 
Dormancy / No reload fee
A fee is deducted monthly if the card has not been re-loaded within 6 months.   This fee will continue to be deducted monthly until the card is reloaded.