Step 1: Go to the Debit Card section within your iCE3 account  

Auto Balance Top-Up Settings are displayed:

Step 2: Enter Trigger Balance Amount and Default Balance

The Trigger Balance is the amount that if the Card Balance equals or falls below this amount it will trigger a recharge. The recharge will use available Rand in your iCE3 account to get to a balance equal to the Default Balance (if you do not have the amount available an email will be sent informing you that the auto-recharge was not successful) 

Step 3: Tick Enable and Click Submit


Trigger Balance is R240 and the Default Balance is set at R10,000
When your card balance goes below or is equal to R240 then it will create a automatic rand withdrawal from your iCE3 account to your debit card for R9780 - (R9,760 to card plus R20 withdrawal fee) 

Please take note of the following restrictions:  

Minimum withdrawal amount to your Debit Card is R250

Maximum withdrawal amount per month to your Debit Card is R25,000 

Debit card maximum balance at any time R25,000