What is an iCE3 Rebate Reward?

We share trading fees with liquidity providers and market makers. We do this as an instant rebate reward. When you place a maker limit order on the exchange, you will receive 25%-50% of the taker fee paid by the trader who fills your open order.

How Much Can You Make?

This is only restricted to the volume you are trading on the platform. The higher the volume the higher the rebates. Rebate Rewards are calculated using the sliding scale for the volume you trade. This means that you can EARN a net fee of between 0.025% & 0.25%*

Fee Structure from January 2021

Why Do We Pay Rebate Rewards to Market Makers?

Rebate Rewards are designed to attract traders that bring liquidity to the platform. By sharing the trading commission with market makers, we improve the liquidity on the platform and ultimately users benefit from tighter spreads and less risk of slippage.

What are the Rebate Reward Rates and Requirements?

We offer rebates based on the volume you have traded in the preceding 30 days. (Trading volume is calculated at midnight for the preceding 30 days, so if you trade 5 BTC on day 1 your volume will be ZERO, if you trade 2BTC on day two your volume will be 5 BTC)

Where Can I See My Rebate Rewards?

You can view your rebate rewards by filtering your transactions (https://ice3.com/account/transactions)

* The net fee you can earn on maker limit orders depends on the fee schedule applied to the trader taking the other side of your trade. For example, if you are on 50% maker fees and a taker pays 0.5% you will receive 0.25%  of the trading fee, if the taker pays 0.1% you will receive 0.05%


Please note that the requirements and thresholds relating to rebates may be changed without notice